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This facility will enable you to change your password. To complete the process, you must know your old password or have a temporary password. If none, please request for a temporary password from your superior or a local IT staff by completing the Request for Password Reset module or approach your manager via Reset Password of Subordinate module.

Please do the following to accomplish the task:
1. Enter your Username in the format of firstname.lastname ex: john.doe
2. Enter your Old Password/Temporary Password ex: abC!23
3. Enter your New Password
As per ITSS_005 Concentrix Corporate Information Technology Standard, Password Policy Requirements must meet the following:
- Be at least eight positions in length.
- Contain a mix of alphabetic and non-alphabetic characters (numbers, punctuation or special characters) or a mix of at least two types of non-alphabetic characters.
- Not contain the userid as part of the password.
- Be changed at least once every 90 days.
- Not be reused until after at least eight iterations.
- Be set to an expired state upon initial issuance or reset, if system or support personnel are aware of the password content.
- As an added security, Password should not be included in the list of weak password in our PasswordDictionary.txt.
4. Confirm your Password
5. Enter Captcha as displayed. CASE SENSITIVE
6. Click on CONFIRM


It can take up to 15 minutes for Active Directory ID changes to be propagated across our global IT infrastructure.

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